How to Crack CDS 2 2021 Exam in November

How to Crack CDS 2 2021 Exam in November

This exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission requires effective intelligence and a strong grasp of concepts in various fields.

More than 3 to 4 lakh candidates of our country take this exam to join Army, Navy and Air Force as Permanently Commissioned Officers.

With almost 3 months left for the upcoming CDS 2 2021 exam, a lot of defence aspirants will already start studying for Combined Defence Services Exam, India’s premier and strategic exam for the Armed Forces.

Out of these huge numbers only 6 to 7 thousand candidates will be shortlisted for SSB interview.

So, it becomes especially important for us to understand some questions before studying, understand some questions while studying and understand some questions after studying for this exam.

Here, I present you a simple, yet effective and sure shot procedure to crack the exam in a simple and well-defined manner.

Must Know Before Starting the Preparation:

CDS has 3 papers:

  • Paper A – English,
  • Paper B – General Knowledge and
  • Paper C – Mathematics.
  • Each paper carries 100 marks, making the total marks as 300.
  • Number of questions in Paper A and B each is 120, and number of questions in paper C is 100.

This indicates that:

  • Marks for every correct answer in Paper A carry 0.83 marks.
  • Marks for every correct answer in Paper B carry 0.83 marks.
  • Marks for every correct answer in Paper C carry 1 mark.
  • CDS paper also has negative marking. One-third of marks allotted to a question will be deducted for every incorrect answer. This means:
  • Marks deducted for every incorrect answer in Paper A are 0.27 marks.
  • Marks deducted for every incorrect answer in Paper A are 0.27 marks.
  • Marks deducted for every incorrect answer in Paper A are 0.33 marks.
  • As per the trends followed by the previous years, the cut-off marks that you must score so that you be on the safer side and aspire to get an SSB call letter are:
  • For Indian Military Academy – 110 to 120 marks
  • For Indian Naval Academy – 110 to 120 marks
  • For Air Force Academy – 120 to 140 marks
  • For Officers’ Training Academy – 70 to 100 marks
  • This means, out of 340 questions from all the 3 papers, the number of questions that you must accurately answer, as a bare minimum to clear the cut-off is 144.
  • To be more specific, you must answer a minimum of 48 questions accurately in every paper, and this too should be shielded from any negative marking.
  • Keeping this perfect analysis in mind, we must now move forward to study in such a way that you attempt 50 questions (as a round figure) to score better in the CDS exam.

Strategy to follow to study for English Paper:

  • For the correct use of English, it is very important to pay attention to the grammar part because it can be improved only with practice.  Grammar includes some of the following aspects that candidates must understand effectively: Idioms, Phrases, Antonyms, Synonyms, Sentence Completion, Rearranging Sentences, Spell Checking, Error Detection, etc.
  • To improve this, regular use of English words is very important.
  • The sentence should be in a clear and concise manner with respect to the sentence building part so that it can be easily understood.  It must be complete so that it can be understood.
  • The reading section demands full attention and concentration.  Here are some tips that can help in building greater understanding level: Highlight the important points, Read the questions carefully so that the answers can be found easily, Read thoroughly, Pay more attention to beginning and end,  And always give full concentration.  .

Strategy to follow to study for Mathematics Paper:

  • Unfortunately, women are not allowed to write this letter.  But with changing times and laws, we know that women are already being included in permanent commission in various ways but through CDS it may take time.  But, as optimism is a virtue of having OLQs, you should by no means stop and achieve your dreams available.
  • This paper decides whether you can become a Permanent Commission Officer or not.  This is the paper which secures your seat in Indian Military Academy or Indian Naval Academy or Air Force Academy.
  • For those who write this paper, never underestimate the level of difficulty as it can be a huge mistake.  Practice math.
  • The introductory level CDS math curriculum includes arithmetic and elementary number theory, unitary method, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, mensuration and statistics.
  • The most important topics to focus on are Number Systems, Logarithms, Powers, Serd, Unitary Method, Algebraic Operations, Identities, Quadratic Equations and Inequalities, Linear Equations, Basic Trigonometry, Heights and Distances, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Mensuration 2D /  3D and Statistics.
  • Practice is the only way to solve these and learn.  Regarding maths there is no other way than to practice.
  •   Try to join the course, where there are mentors in our maths and thousands of aspirants are guiding the candidates to learn the concepts and solve the questions as fast as possible.
  • The topics you should know about are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Indian Polity, History, Geography, Economy, Current Affairs and Defense updates.
  • The topics you should focus on in Physics are Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Electromagnetic Waves, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Gases and Current Electricity.  These will be under Priority List 1.  Topics under Priority List 2 include waves, oscillations, one-dimensional motion, magnetism, mechanical properties of matter, motion and laws of motion in a plane, and atomic/nuclear physics.
  • The basic way to learn physics is not to always spend time solving numericals.  First learn the concept as properly as possible which will be more than enough.
  • Topics you should definitely learn in chemistry include short concepts of inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry.  While learning organic chemistry, try to focus on the concept leaving all the equations.
  • Biology requires practice and attention.  Most of the candidates who are graduates related to technology or maths completely skip the biology part in the paper.  This can hamper the overall score and can also become a significant factor in the rejection of your selection for SSB.  To learn about the topics that guide you to victory, attend our CDS online course that gives a complete understanding of what topics to study.
  • Around 12 questions from GK paper will be related to Indian Polity and questions can be asked on Articles, Schedules, Amendments, Powers of Offices in Executive, Application and Implementation of Judiciary, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Panchayats, Municipalities.  Constitutional and non-constitutional bodies.  There are 448 articles in our constitution.  You do not need to study all.  Join us, we will give you a basic joy on how to love politics.  It is very attractive.
  • The questions from History in the paper will be around 20 in number.  Of these, about 10 will be from modern history and the rest will be from ancient and medieval history.  Try to focus on the years and chronology of events, the Acts passed by the British Parliament that led to the gradual colonialism, the locations of the various protests and how freedom fighters fought in them, the cultural significance of the events and powerful speeches and writings.
  • The CDS exam focuses on the effective intelligence of the candidate and not on the bookish intelligence.  Remember this before spending hours and hours trying to complete history.  Also try not to skip history preparation.  It holds the highest weightage among all the subjects appearing in the paper.
  • Apart from Indian Geography, on which most of the students focus a lot, try to learn World Geography as well.  Especially try to know about various gulfs, straits, mountain ranges, bridges, biodiversity hotspots, heritage sites, capitals of countries and their currencies, mineral deposits in our country, top producing countries of various agricultural and mineral products.
  • While learning about the economy, try to focus on the schemes and amendments that are economically related to our country and have been passed in the last 5 years, whether it is for a particular section of the society or not.

General Time Format:

  • Candidates who think they are good in English, try to learn English two days a week and learn only that while learning English and don’t touch GK or Maths.  However, your current affairs coverage should be covered as usual.
  • Candidates who want to give time to English because they think they are making mistakes or are unaware of concepts, spend 1 hour daily on it.  Follow the study plan provided by us to remove the ambiguity.
  • All the candidates have to compulsorily spend 2 to 3 hours covering the subject related to GK paper.  This will increase your chances of selection.
  • All the candidates should devote at least 2 hours to solve maths related questions and try to solve as many questions as possible.
  • While learning, remember all the points that I discussed above.  No major derivation or numerical problems.  Focus only on the literal and conceptual case.

Miscellaneous Self Follow Rules to be maintained:

  • Separate books for Maths, GK and English (If you do not have multiple books, at least try to make a separation in your study). This will ensure clarity and conciseness. Most aspirants do not follow this and end up losing interest in doing revision of what they have written.
  • Dedicated Revision Day every week – On this day, you will reiterate and revise the topics you have studied all week, be it on Saturday or Sunday or whatever.
  • Use of charts and outline maps while learning Geography – Use colours or multiple maps or charts to locate important rivers, mountains, water bodies, etc. Human brain loves pictorial representations rather than huge textual matters.
  • List of Important Articles of Constitution – a sheet of this must be compulsorily pasted at a place where your eye goes frequently, be it your study table, your room’s wall, mirror, etc. No body has any right to judge you. Your learning is your property.
  • List of important wars and the years they happened – this list also, as usual, do like above.
  • Constant interaction with parents and peers and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Compulsory 7 hours of sleep and rest and rigorous exercise – no other medicine is as effective as this for you to improve concentration.

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