Indian Army IMA OTA Officer Cadets Salary

Indian Army IMA OTA Officer Cadets Salary

CDS is one of the most sought defense entrance exams in the country.  In terms of CDS pay, the stipend paid to gentlemen or lady cadets during the entire period of training in the respective academies i.e. IMA OTA Officer Cadets Salary is Rs 56,100 per month.  On successful commissioning, the officer will be in the Pay Matrix of Level 10.  In this article, we have discussed the salary of CDS.

Once you have joined Military Training Academy i.e. IMA and OTA as an Officer Cadet, you will get a fixed stipend per month during the entire period of your training as a Gentleman Cadet and Lady Cadet.  More details about the stipend and salary taken by the officer cadets of the Indian Army are given below.

All GCs are required to open a Defense Salary Bank Account with SBI, IMA branch on joining the Academy.  IMA has a branch of SBI with ATM facility within the academy premises which provides banking facility to all the GCs.  For OTA cadets, they are required to open a salary account with SBI Bank available at OTA premises.

Salary and Allowances

  • Direct Entry GCs will be given a fixed stipend of Rs.56100/- per month during their entire training period at IMA.
  • All the cadets of OTA Chennai also get a fixed stipend of Rs.56100/- per month during their training at OTA Chennai.
  • Service GCs (ACC Cadets) will continue to draw their rank pay while in IMA.
  • The Technical GCs are entitled to provisional issue of pay and allowances of Rs.56100/- per month during their entire training period at IMA, which will be subsequently adjusted by CDA(O) Pune while releasing their pay and allowances for the post of Lt.  Will go  For all other purposes, they will be designated as GC and treated as such.  Short Service Commission (on probation) will automatically terminate on withdrawal/resignation or on successful completion of training in the Academy.  They have to pay the charges on their food, accommodation and allied services.  At present, it is @ Rs.486/- per month and will vary from time to time.  Apart from this, they will also have to meet their out-of-pocket expenses at IMA.
  • University Admission Scheme GCs will be given a stipend of Rs 56100/- per month for the last one year of their final year of engineering.  He will be paid Rs.71600/- per month for training period in IMA plus dearness allowance in the form of pay and allowances of the rank of lieutenant.

Incentive Schemes: Various State Governments grant incentives to GCs with domicile of their State who join Academy for pre-commission training. Some of them are


The GC or the parent/guardian of the GC will not be entitled to claim compensation for any injury caused to him during his training at IMA.  A certificate to this effect as per Appendix F and G shall be furnished at the time of joining for training on non-judicial stamp paper duly accompanied by stamp duty, as prevailing in the State where the affidavit is given to the father/guardian and the candidate.  is executed by.  .  They will hand over the duly signed certificate to their battalion adjutant at IMA.

All GCs undergoing training at IMA will be insured for their duration up to Rs.5 lakhs for death and 100% disability by reducing Rs.25 lakhs to Rs.75 lakhs as per eligibility conditions with AGIF, New Delhi under Academy arrangement with AGIF, New Delhi.  Will be done.  of training.  A premium of Rs.5000/- on monthly basis will be deducted from the stipend admissible to the GC of Direct Admission and Technical Graduate/University Entry Scheme courses during the training period.


GCs desirous of resigning after joining the Academy shall send their application in writing to the Commandant, IMA with the written consent of their parent/guardian.  Such GC will be charged the cost of training, stipend paid, expenses incurred for purchase of any kit/equipment/apparel or any other item and necessary recovery in cash/draft for mess and allied services.  Will be allowed to resign later.  Presently the cost of training is Rs.11952/- per week till 30th June 2021, thereafter an annual escalation of 8% per annum will be calculated on the per capita cost of training for each subsequent year.  The cost of training will be calculated from the day he joins the day till the day he is removed from the post of this Academy.

CDS Salary: Perks and Perks

Qualifying Grant: This has been abolished as a separate allowance.  Eligible employees will be governed by the newly proposed Higher Merit Incentive.  Order is awaited by MoD.

Flying Allowance: Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to Flying Allowance.  Level 10 and above in lieutenant and above will cost Rs 25,000 per month (R1H1 of Risk and Difficulty Matrix).

Dearness AllowanceAdmissible at the same rates and under the same condition as are applicable to the civilian personnel from time to time.
Kit maintenance allceSubsumed into the newly proposed Dress Allowance which is Rs 20,000 per year

Based on the post and area of ​​posting, an officer posted in field areas will be eligible for the following field area allocation.

RankLevelHAFAFd Area AllceMod Fd Area Allce
Lieutenant and aboveLevel 10 and above16900 R1H210500 R2H26300 (60%R2H2

High Altitude Allowance:

Lieutenant and aboveLevel 10 and above3,400 (R3H2)5,300 (R3H1)25,000 (R1H1)

Siachen Allowance:

  • Siachen Allowance will be Rs 42,500 per month.
  • Uniform Allowance:
  • Included in the new proposed dress allowance which is Rs 20,000 per annum.

Free Ration:

  • All Defense officers in the FD area.
  • Defense officers posted in peace areas will get Ration Money Allce (RMA) every month.

Child Education Allowance: Rs 2,250 per month will be given to the candidates for only two eldest survivors.  Child Education Allowance is admissible from Nursery to Class XII.

CDS career growth

The career growth of the candidates under the respective academies is given below:

LtOn completion of training
Capt.2 years of reckonable commissioned service
Major6 years of reckonable commissioned service
Lt. Col.13 years of reckonable commissioned service
Col (TS)26 years of reckonable commissioned service
Col15 years of reckonable commissioned service
Brigadier23 years of reckonable commissioned service
Major Gen.25 years of reckonable commissioned service
Lt. Gen.28 years of reckonable commissioned service
GeneralNo restrictions

in one:

Selected candidates may be appointed as Cadets on reporting at the Indian Naval Academy.  The cadets will be appointed to the rank of Deputy Lieutenant after successful completion of about 18 months of training.

air force academy

After successfully completing the training, candidates will be given the rank of Flying Officer.  Candidates are promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander and Group Captain on successful completion of 2 years, 6 years, 13 years and 26 years of service respectively.  The grant of Group Captain (Selective) and higher ranks is by selection only.  The promising officers have a fair chance of getting higher promotions in the air ranks of Air Commodore, Air Vice Marshal and Air Marshal.


Selected candidates will be enrolled as Gentlemen/Lady Cadets and will undergo a course of training at OTA for a period of approximately 49 weeks.  On successful completion of training, Gentlemen/Lady Cadets are given Short Service Commission in the rank of Lieutenant.  Candidates will be eligible for promotion to the following ranks:

To the rank of Capt.On completion of 2 years of commissioned service
To the rank of  Major            6 years of reckonable commissioned service
To the rank of Lt. Col.13 years of reckonable commissioned service

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