Handle SSB Interview Questions You Don’t Know

The thought of not being able to answer an interview question is scary to many of us.  This happens more often than we can imagine.  Sometimes, we don’t know the answer and the silence can seem excruciating.  In other cases, we may know, but our mind freezes.  Whatever it is, being in that moment, we want the floor to open up and swallow us whole. I also know SSB Interview Questions You Don’t Know so we discuss that in this article.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re up for an answer of SSB Interview Questions.

  • As stated earlier, if you are not sure of the answer, express some of your thoughts.  If you have some knowledge of that question, take the time to tell the IO what you know about the position.  Saying everything out loud allows you to start the process of finding the problem.
  • Even if you don’t know what the answer is, you can tell the interviewing officer what steps you will take to address the problem.  IOs ask you tough questions because they want to see what your thought process is.  Sometimes, the thought process can be more important than the actual answer.  They want to see that you can take the initiative and that you have the resources to come up with solutions on your own, rather than needing someone to hold your hand through problems.  When you’re trying to find a solution, you can admit to not knowing some parts;  That way, you come across as being honest, and he’ll know you’re not trying to fake it.
  • You can often buy some time to prepare the answer by rephrasing the question or asking for clarification.  For example, you might say, “Sir, are you looking for an example of how I organized a team event in college?”  By the time IO answers, something must have made sense!
  • Maybe it’s the question you don’t understand.  Ask the IO to clarify what he said.  Go deeper into the question to see if you can find more details that will help you figure it out.
  • Perhaps the most important thing you can do if you’re completely stumped by an important question is to search for a strong answer after the personal interview.  You can then include that answer during your conference call.

Take the interview comfortably.  It’s not much work.  You can easily overcome it if you have the right approach to deal with it.  Don’t prolong the moments and make it awkward for both IO and yourself.  Practice interviews at home with family and friends, it will boost your confidence.

Handle SSB Interview Questions You Don’t Know

Know about the people around you:

It often happens that candidates stop in knowing themselves only and they make no effort to know about their friends, family and people around them.  An officer in command of his men is expected to know each and every one of them necessarily that he should have knowledge about their ability, strength, weakness, character, credibility etc.  How do you know who can stand by you in your difficult times or who will overcome you in difficult times?  You have to observe them and draw your own conclusions based on your concrete observations and evidence.

 Also, if you are not aware of the behavior and nature of your family members then you are not a good observer or you are not interested in them as an individual.  The army is an extension of the traditional family and serves as the commanding officer known as the “old man of the family”.

You don’t beg for a recommendation, you deserve it:

Many of us prepare with the aptitude that this job is really a must for us and if it is not recommended to us then it is the end of our future dreams.  Due to such thinking, nervousness arises in our minds which becomes a hindrance to our positive thinking.  You do not beg for a job as it will lower your confidence and you will prepare with a cautious and suspicious mind which can hamper your chances.

  It will develop a qualified attitude in your mind if you think that you have all the necessary qualifications and skills to get the recommendation.  Such an attitude boosts your confidence and makes you believe that you are here to get this job because you are passionate about it and not because you need it badly.  Remember, you never beg for a job.  You deserve the job and that is why you have come down to test your skills.

Learn about your hobbies and interests:

Most of us take something that gives us relief from our normal routine and gives us pleasure.  When such things are done seriously they are called hobbies and when they are in the normal routine and we lean a little towards them then they can be called interests.  Hobbies are more productive in the sense of pursuit and personality development.

 I like to watch movies and read articles on various topics from time to time and this is not regular.  It interests me and I am fine without doing it for a long time and I do it when I have enough time.

  This can be called my interest.  It is totally fine if you don’t have any of the above as it is not mandatory but if you have that much passion for anything then hopefully you should have a good amount of knowledge for it.

Common sense should prevail and sometimes care should be taken:

Being SSB aspirants, we are expected to have the necessary general knowledge and general knowledge about our surroundings.  It is essential that you should have knowledge about the history, geography and politics of your city and state.  You should have knowledge about MP, MLA, Counsellor, Vidhansabha Constituency and Ward of your city respectively.  You must have on-the-ground and practical knowledge about the above fields and have a strong opinion about the same.

These are some SSB interview questions that you should be aware of while preparing for your SSB Interview Techniques.  Proper questions in a systematic manner will help you to formulate and improve answers within a time limit and you must know how to answer these questions based on your understanding.  It is okay to contact the internet to answer these questions but they should not be copied and written by your common sense and rational mind.

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