Do’s and Don’ts for GTO test in SSB

Do’s and Don’ts for GTO test in SSB

The GTO test determines the major conclusions and evaluations about any candidate and hence they get excited as it involves group activities based on group dynamics and of course adrenaline rush.  Here we discuss Do’s and Don’ts for GTO test in SSB. GTO tasks are different from the other two testing techniques as here the candidate will bring out his/her true self through a series of activities where he/she will be put under pressure with or without his/her group as well as test his/her reasoning and reasoning ability.  Confirmation tasks will show leadership qualities and assess their practicality.

Most of the aspirants get ready with the help of practice material such as books, articles and videos but rarely can one feel the tension and pressure anywhere except GTO Ground.  The third and fourth days at the Group Testing Ground are filled with exciting physical activities.  The candidates will be informed about all the outdoor activities by the Group Testing Officer in the morning.  The primary concern here is to see how you will cope with obstacles and the tasks assigned to you and your attitude towards other members of the group when working with and directing them.

Group tests do not require special individual skills, logical thinking, coordinated team efforts on your part;  The feasibility of receiving and making suggestions is looked into by the assessors.  You will be provided with sketch boards, ladders, ropes, planks and other such things as your tools to assist you with the assigned task.  You are given a few minutes to make a plan and then execute the task within the given time frame.

 let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of GTO testing:

  • Have enough general awareness and read current affairs.
  • Understand the problems that arise correctly and assimilate all the details.
  • Be fast enough to think and write solutions.  Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Solutions should be logical and realistic.
  • Be comfortable and forthright in expressing.  Take an active part in group activities.
  • Be energetic in outdoor activities, participate voluntarily and contribute to group activities.
  • Understand the work requirement, plan and try to develop/suggest practical ideas.
  • Try to project/ demonstrate leadership qualities in implementing the plans.
  • Keep the goal of the group in mind.
  • Be confident and develop perseverance in pursuing the goal/goal.
  • Be physically and mentally tough.  Regular daily physical exercise should be done well before appearing for SSB.  Warming up before getting into the field of GTO will definitely help.  You can do some exercises in rows.
  • Be effective in communication skills.  Knowing English is always beneficial.
  • Wear white shorts, a T-shirt and PT shoes.
  • Dress should be loose and comfortable.
  • Ensure smart turn out (get a proper haircut and shave properly).
  • Sleep early in the night so that you will be refreshed for the next day’s investigation.
  • Listen carefully to the inaugural briefing by GTO and follow the instructions.
  • Enjoy the tests, take them as a group activity.
  • Follow the schedule and instructions given to you by the students of SSB from time to time.
  • Work hard, stay active and put your best foot forward.
  • Be positive, optimistic and friendly.
  • Be your original self.
  • Whether in line, at work, in the field or in the city or sightseeing, keep a sense of discipline in yourself.
  • Take the test to the best of your physical ability.
  • Inform the Testing Officer if you are not feeling well enough to undergo the test.
  • Follow all instructions given to you before starting each task in GTO Arena.
  • Respect others only then you will get respect.


  • Do not keep mobile phone, watch and purse, chain of any valuable item on your person during the test.
  • Don’t be foolish and don’t take foolish/silly risks.
  • Do not quarrel with anyone whether in SSB or in the selection center or in the city.
  • Don’t be overly clever and don’t put up a false front or mask your core personality.
  • Don’t be aggressive or angry.
  •  Don’t be pessimistic or careless/lazy.
  • Do not damage government property.
  • Do not stay outside after the specified time during our pass.
  • Do not involve yourself in stealing / playing cards etc.
  • Don’t give up easily.  Be flexible.
  • Do not overeat before work.
  • Do not wear tight clothes/shoes.
  • Do not smoke, drink and gamble while you are with us.
  • Don’t give up on others’ ideas, evaluate and then follow/revise them.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you are unable to perform well in a particular task.  What matters is the overall performance in all the functions of the GTO.
  • Do not be negligent in external / physical work, take deliberate risks.  Be bold and composed.
  • Don’t limit yourself to one type of media or TV channel.  Explore different types of media and TV channels to gain knowledge / general awareness.
  • Do not try to copy or paste pre-conceived knowledge/ideas, use them to generate your own ideas.
  • Don’t sit back / stand and wait for the opportunity to come – grab the opportunity.

Tips to excellent in SSB GD

Its complement with logical reasoning and useful examples is loved by all as it helps to keep your point strong.

Confidence has always been the key to success, so see that whatever is presented is done with full confidence.

It’s not something that I will always speak for or against on the subject.  Please understand the difference between deb, extempore and GD.  Here things are limited to expressing views only.

Body language is positive, creates an entirely different level of awareness to the other members of the group and they are always interested in listening.

Being a listener of God is always a sign of a good member of a group.

As a member of the group your responsibility is to coordinate with the group and not to create a fish market.  Even though others may be contributing to the making of the fish market, you have to emerge as a leader to step out of that situation and facilitate proper discussion.

Eye contact should be maintained only with the members of the group and should not try to show off by over-spokenness.  Balance content with knowledge and coordination.

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