How to Write the Best Self Description in 10 Minutes

How to Write the Best Self Description in 10 Minutes


In SSB psychology test, you have to write your self-description, which includes your opinion of parents, teachers, friends as well as your own.  The following questions are often asked in interviews:

How would your best friend describe you?

How would your boss describe you?

SSB aspirants must be ready with what to write in their self-description so that it can be written well and quickly in the exam and the questions can be answered well without trying to think too hard during the interview  .  The self-description will be unique to each individual.  However, there is a systematic thought process for this which is discussed below:

Parent’s Opinion

When a child is born he is completely dependent on the parents for everything.  The first concern for parents is whether the child starts taking care of himself as he grows up.  Thus the first line should logically talk about the qualities of ‘freedom’ and ‘self-reliance’.

Once a child is considered to be reasonably self-sufficient by the parents, the next concern is whether the child has developed at the normal expected rate of development, both mentally and physically, to cope with society.  Thus the next logical line would be about the qualities of ‘educational and physical abilities’.

If a child is well developed and attains a certain amount of maturity then parents start to consult him in household decisions.  So this point should be next.

If a youth is developing well then he/she will choose the career and get the indication of being capable in that.  So this should be the next point.

A typical youth will acquire the social maturity to adjust to society, relatives, neighbours, teachers and co-workers.  It is common for Indian mothers to think that their child is so innocent that he cannot adjust to the scheming society.  This sentiment is often mistaken.  This point about social adjustment should be made further.

As the youth grows in capacity and maturity and starts working, parents begin to feel that the youth will be able to handle household responsibilities and can safely think about retirement from work.  So the issue of ‘responsibility’ needs to be discussed further.

The next concern of the parents in the continuum of development of a youth is whether the youth has imbibed good values ​​and will bring a good name in the family or not.

Parents have some misconceptions about their child with respect to social adjustment, maturity, career focus, time management and maybe a few more.  Doubts can be real or false beliefs.  If it is real then it should also be stated.

  Teachers’ Opinion

The first requirement for a teacher from a student is that he should not be a trouble maker.  Thus ‘punctuality’ ‘proper dress’ and ‘discipline’ are the initial expectations from a good student.  The second criterion is that the student must understand what is taught;  Thus ‘intelligence’ or ‘academic proficiency’ should be written about next.  After academic qualification comes the criterion of proficiency in extra-curricular activities.  Teachers also note the social adjustment dimension of the student.  An above average student is always assigned the roles of an average student by the teachers like, Monitor, Prefect, Sports Captain and so on.  Leadership roles may be more pronounced in the case of hostels.  In case of excellent students, teachers will expect them to bring fame to the school or college.

Always teachers give advice to the students for their betterment.  Some of it will be real.  This should also be included in the self-description.

  Employer’s opinion

There is a need for professionals to write the opinions of employers rather than teachers.  Like the teacher, the first criterion of an employee for an employer is punctuality and discipline.  The next criterion is the ability to complete the assigned task on time – thus the talk of the ‘reliable worker’ should come forth.  A high caliber employee will be willing to take on additional responsibilities and work.  He will also be an asset to the employer in guiding other workers and creating a cooperative work environment.  A top level employee will invariably receive comments like ‘fit for higher appointment’ by the employer.

Friends Opinion

My friends know that I am lively, helpful, and completely trustworthy.  They consult me ​​about their various problems.  They like my company.  They think I can adapt to any situation.  They like me for my commitment.  They appreciate the focus on my career.  They advise me not to trust people too easily.

Therefore, a self-description involves writing a paragraph on the following aspects:

  • Parent’s Opinion
  • Teacher/Employer Opinion
  • Friend’s Opinion
  • Self Opinion
  • Goals / Motivation / New Qualities I Want To AchieveTips To Crack Self Description Test.
  • Your description should emphasize points that reveal and reflect your personality traits.  Don’t fake it.
  • Gather genuine and true opinions from the people listed above, ie your parents, teachers/employers, friends/colleagues.  Talk to them and ask what they think of you, their perspective, and the impression they have on you.
  • In the parent’s opinion, you can note and record your parents’ reactions on different occasions and their good and bad attitudes about you.  Write to you excerpts from their suggestions and advice.
  • You should be cautious about your self-statement and never submit it with statements that contradict the information you have provided to the Board in the questionnaire.
  • Write valid and genuine points only because your Interviewing Officer (IO) reads your complete self-description before the interview, he has already guessed your insight and hence, he/she will be able to check any of those qualities mentioned in the SD.  Can ask any type of question.
  • It is natural that all human beings have good and bad parts of their personality, so write down your merits and demerits as well.  But don’t write strong negative things about yourself.  Know the difference between weakness and negative qualities.  be positive.  Write about how you got rid of those evils and improved your personality.
  • Don’t write dangerous habits about yourself (eg- I drink/smoke daily; I don’t get along well with people socially; I’m angry).  Mention only those points which can be eliminated easily or with some amount of hard work.
  • For positive points, write about your achievements and good deeds and actions.  Those good deeds reflect your qualities, you don’t need to boast about them.  They can be very simple day-to-day activities (for example- hard work in studies, work, sports, competition; helping family and friends or strangers; responsible and honest towards one’s duties; etc.).
  • Some common negative points you can write about are- weak communication skills, lack of knowledge about current affairs, stage fright, low participation in extra-curricular activities, weak in English language, etc.
  • Must reflect your positive and strong points- leadership, confidence, social adjustment, punctuality, willingness to help, positive attitude, good at education or sports, etc.

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