Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In SSB Interview

Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In SSB Interview

SSB INTERVIEW: The word ‘Bhavana’ means the soul that inspires us.  That energy is the transmitter and recorder of all feelings, thoughts and actions.  It determines what we dream about, what we are attracted to, believe in, and commit to.  If we say that one person is more ‘intelligent’ than another, it can only mean that he acts more intelligently most of the time.

In this article, we discuss the Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In SSB Interview.

Even research has consistently shown that grades or high IQ in school cannot predict who will be successful and who will not.  This is because no intelligence is more important than the interpersonal.  Now the question arises what exactly is Emotional Intelligence and what is its role?


Emotional intelligence is basically a type of social intelligence which includes the ability to recognize one’s own and others’ emotions in order to motivate oneself and manage emotions well in one’s own relationship and one’s own  .  Various characteristics build emotional intelligence such as self motivation, ability to control impulses controls mood and keep distress away from swallowing ability to think.

Hence, it can be concluded that emotional intelligence helps in increasing the ability to set goals in life;  Work towards achieving this, negotiate it and feel empathy towards others.

Emotional intelligence helps in creating the ability to learn practical skills such as:


self-regulation, self-control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, innovation, motivation, achievement drive, commitment .


Understanding others, Service orientation, Taking advantage of diversity, Political awareness.

Social skills:

influence, communication, leadership, bond building, collaboration and collaboration, team abilities.

How can emotional intelligence be developed?

Emotional intelligence can be developed by developing self-awareness, personal decision making, managing emotions, handling stress, empathy, communication, self-disclosure, insight, self-acceptance, personal responsibility, assertiveness, group dynamics and conflict resolution.  However, there are many ways to increase emotional intelligence such as:

  • One can gradually learn how to analyze and cope with life by seeing good role models like teachers, parents etc.
  • Direct reading classes on personality development, value education, etc.
  • Reading books and articles on personality improvement is very helpful.
  • One can learn from his/her life experiences if he/she introspects.
  • By participating in workshops and seminars on personality development.
  • Media events can be very informative and educative.
  • The positive aspect of religion can provide a lot of solace and guidance.

The cornerstone of emotional intelligence:

Emotional literacy:

This includes developing a clear and useful vocabulary for emotional literacy and respecting and valuing the underlying knowledge of emotions.  This can be done through monitoring of thoughts and feelings;  Introspection, careful attention to elicit feelings, etc

Emotional fitness:

Emotional fitness refers to the qualities that highlight our personal values ​​and character and the spirit that enlivens and drives them.  If you are truthful about your reach, others will trust you and you will stand out from the management crowd.

Emotional depth:

Emotional depth tells the basic character of people.  It is an expression of commitment, drive, initiative, discretion and accountability of an individual.  Emotional depth can be developed by incorporating self-awareness, assertiveness, empathy, communication and role models.

Emotional alchemy:

It is a combination of forces that enable us to discover creative opportunities and transform small ideas into big ones.  It is emotional alchemy through which we expand our creative instincts and ability to flow with problems and pressures and fight for the future.  It highlights hidden solutions and the range of untapped opportunities.

Develop Emotional Quotient for SSB Interview:

Motivate yourself:-

How can you motivate others until you are motivated and excited to do your own work?  GTO measures your self-motivation while doing group work in SSB interview.  So, one has to be ready for the challenge at all times.


It is not necessary that if you are inspired then the people around you should also be inspired.  A leader must have the art of motivating his team members to achieve the desired results.  It sounds easy to see but motivating others is a tough task.  In SSB interview also there will be instances when your group is confused and unable to find any way forward.  That’s when this quality comes in handy.

Empathy with others:-

Yes, a leader should be courageous and boisterous but he should never be of stone hearted.  Like you, your team members will also have some emotional hurdles.  If there is any kind of inconvenience to anyone in your group, then it should not be ignored, but it should be resolved as soon as possible.  A leader is nothing without the support of his team members.

Admitting Mistakes :- 

If no one had made any mistakes, the word SORRY would have been erased from dictionaries.  We humans make many mistakes unknowingly.  While most of us are determined to prove ourselves right, a good leader must have the cunning to know when he is wrong and admit his mistake.  His work will not only be appreciated but will also send a message among others that his leader is a responsible person.  Even in SSB interview, if you have committed any mistake, be courageous enough to take the responsibility of your action instead of blaming someone else.

Mental Stamina:- There is no point in being a member in defense forces who can run 15 kms on a stretch but is bad at handling stressful situations of real life.  Everyone has to face unforeseen circumstances;  A skilled leader always shows patience to handle those situations.  SSB interview is about handling stressful situations with determination and nothing else.

Exemplary sense of duty:- It looks simple but the way we all have been brought to find easy way out of every situation especially difficult for an Indian to be dutiful towards his organization all the time  goes.  A good leader must put the needs of his organization above all else.  If you set a good example your team members will follow suit.  Being dutiful will not only earn you the respect of your team members but the organization as well.

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