What is GTO TASK and how to do it?

What is GTO TASK and how to do it?

GTO tasks or Group Testing Officer tasks in SSB are done by SSB for individuals to work together in group activity to gain their proficiency.  A total of 9 works were planned and executed by SSB.  The candidates are decided on a number of parameters and in the end, the result reflects the overall ability of the candidate to work in a team and become a team player.

Candidates who are successful in the written exam of Indian Army are called for the interview round.  GTO tasks are conducted three to four days after the completion of the SSB interview.  However, every candidate who is willing to participate in the selection process of Indian Army, they are not confused about what are the GTO tasks in SSB and how to complete them.  So, to clear all the confusion of the candidates regarding the same we have come up with this unique article on different set of GTO tasks conducted by SSB.

Group Discussion (GD)

  The first of the 9 GTO tasks in the SSB is the Working Group Discussion Round.  In this round, a group testing officer assigns a GD subject to all the candidates in the group.  Thereafter, the candidates are asked to engage in a friendly debate and discussion as per the topic.  Another important thing to note here is that in GD round, the candidate is not required to draw conclusions but they are asked to put their views about the topic provided.

GPE or MPE (Group/Military Planning Exercise)

The second task among the various GTO functions in SSB is the group planning exercise.  In this round, the officials divide the candidates into several groups and after that they are provided with a particular position.  Candidates are given 30 minutes to find a possible solution to the situation.  Finally, the groups are asked to nominate a candidate who tells the solution to the authorities.

Progressive Group Work (PGT)

Progressive Group Task (PGT) is a type of physical activity that each group has to do.  In this round, a set of rules are defined by the SSB and then they are provided with a lot of props i.e. balli (wooden log), plank and rope to tie the candidates.  It is known as Progressive Group Task as the difficulty level for the candidates increases with each obstacle.

Snake race

The next task of the 9 GTO task in SSB is Snake Race.  It also includes various groups that participate in the activity.  In this task, candidates are asked to compete in a race in a tent that is rolled up and looks like a snake.


Out of all the GTO tasks in SSB, lecture is one such activity which judges the overall personality of the candidates.  In this round, candidates are allotted three to four subjects out of which candidates have to choose one topic and speak on it for at least 3 to 4 minutes.  This activity checks the communication skills of the candidate, fluency of the candidate while speaking, his overall tone during speaking and his knowledge to assess the topics etc.  Access here Lecture Topics for SSB Interview.

Half Group Task (HGT)

In this round, candidates are asked to choose two members from the group formed by the officials.  After this, a different set of tasks are allotted to the candidates, then the candidates have to complete the task with the resources in the time allotted by the officials.  This function also helps the officials to check the ability of the candidates.

Individual Obstacles

It is one of the most important GTO tasks in SSB and checks the basic ability, stamina and physical fitness of the candidates to perform various positions or tasks allotted to them by the authorities.  Thus the round also checks the decision making ability of the candidates and the speed with which the candidates can take decisions.

Command Task

The Command Task is the penultimate task conducted by SSB. This round judges the commanding capacity of the candidates who participate in the activities conducted by SSB. In this round, the candidates are asked to choose two members amongst the group formed by the authorities and post this they have to choose an obstacle based on the members and resources allotted to them.

Final Group Task (FGT)

The Final Group Task (FGT) is the last task of the GTO Tasks in SSB. In this round, the task allotted to a candidate is executed by the whole group. The activities of this round are really difficult and very lengthy. The nature of the activities executed in this round is equivalent to the Progressive Group Task.

We hope we were able to provide the correct insight on the different GTO Tasks in SSB.

Most of the aspirants get ready with the help of practice material such as books, articles and videos but rarely can one feel the tension and pressure anywhere except GTO Ground.  The third and fourth days at the Group Testing Ground are filled with exciting physical activities.  The candidates will be informed about all the outdoor activities by the Group Testing Officer in the morning.  The primary concern here is to see how you will cope with obstacles and the tasks assigned to you and your attitude towards other members of the group when working with and directing them.

  Group tests do not require special individual skills, logical thinking, coordinated team efforts on your part;  The feasibility of receiving and making suggestions is looked into by the assessors.  You will be provided with sketch boards, ladders, ropes, planks and other such things as your tools to assist you with the assigned task.  You are given a few minutes to make a plan and then execute the task within the given time frame.

You will be with your group for 2 days and even after test hours and therefore maintaining a good group dynamics is essential to ensure cooperation.  You must be able to positively impress the members of your group and appear sharp in front of the GTO officer.  It is necessary to be active, agile and determined in certain conditions which will enhance your performance and boost your confidence.  A leader attracts the astonishment of his followers with his actions and thoughts, and in the same way in GTO tasks, to be a leader among the members of your group, you have to create followers with your actions.

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