World’s Best Aerobatic Display Teams Indian Air Force during Republic Day or Air Force Day celebrations.

World’s Best Aerobatic Display Teams Indian Air Force during Republic Day or Air Force Day celebrations.

Many air forces, some navies, and even some private organizations have established air display teams to perform at domestic and international air shows.  Some demonstration teams perform aerobatics, while others demonstrate flying formations or their operations, such as air-sea rescue.

We all have seen the dazzling performances by the Indian Air Force during the Republic Day or Air Force Day celebrations.  Dozens of airplanes, performing crazy maneuvers and lighting up the sky with colors are just gorgeous.  While pilots learn aerobatics to improve their flying skills, the advent of aerobatic competitions has established it as a recreational phenomenon.  Now the Air Force, Navy and private enthusiasts all have aerobatic teams.  They compete with each other in various competitions, whether international or domestic.  Here are the best aerobatic performance teams in the world:

Freese tirlori

This is the aerobatic display team of the Italian Air Force.  Its official name is “313° Grupo Addestramento Acrobatico, Petuglia Acrobatica Nazionale (PAN) Freise Tricolori. The team was started on 1 March 1961 with the intention of training pilots in aerobatics. The Italian Air Force organized teams of various commands under it into one.  The squad consists of 13 Aermacchi MB339 jet trainers manufactured in Italy, of which only 10 participate in airshows. The remaining three planes are spare.

All team members wear the call sign “Pony,” followed by the squad’s plane number.  Commanding Commander of the Squadron Pilot “Pony #0.”  The commanding officer must be a previous member of the team, although he does not participate in the demo.  Pony #1 is flown by the leader of the formation team, who must have flown with the team.  The only pilot on the team flies in position #10.  All candidates for Frecce Tricolori must have at least 750 hours of flying time in a jet aircraft.

The support team is made up of approximately 60 people who are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the team’s aircraft as well as administration and other support responsibilities.  Frecce Tricolori’s performance season begins on May 1 and features approximately 35 aerial performances.  Depending on the season, the team has three types of shows: low, flat and full.  Team aircraft must undergo routine service inspections every 60 flight hours.  Each of the team’s aircraft is equipped with a smoke generator capable of producing green, red and white smoke.

Red arrows

The Red Arrows are the famous aerobatic team of the British Royal Air Force.  The team, officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, was founded in 1964.  They have gained a prominent place in British culture and their performances are a highlight for many events in the UK.

For communication the red arrows use the call sign “red” and the number of their team’s position.  A squad pilot will usually be on tour duty for three years.  Others return to the regular Air Force, some are promoted, and some leave the RAF to serve as airline pilots.  The leader had to already be a member of the team and earn himself the title of Raid 1.

The team’s technical workforce comprises about 70 technicians, headed by a senior engineering officer and assisted by a junior engineering officer.  The technical team is divided into two groups: the “traveling team”, which consists of about one-third of the team members, with the remaining two-thirds who live at the team’s home base.  When the crew is at home, the “base party” is in charge of all necessary correctional duties.  The “Travelling Team” is in charge of the team’s day-to-day engineering responsibilities during the tour”.

Blue angels

The United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is known as the “Blue Angels”.  They also represent the United States Marine Corps.  The “Blue Angels” now operate 11 jets: nine single-seat F/A-18E Super Hornets and two two-seat F/A-18F Super Hornets.  Only six are used during demonstration flights (usually single-seat variants), while the others are used as backup in case one of the main aircraft breaks down and cannot be repaired prior to presentation.  Is.  The squadron also has a permanently assigned cargo aircraft, a C-130 Hercules nicknamed “The Fat Albert”, which is used to ferry ground crew, replacement parts and other items.

The US Navy aerobatic team consists of 126 men, 16 of whom are officers and the rest are sergeants.  The chief of the Naval Center for Air Training selects the commander and leader of the squadron.  He must have logged at least 3000 hours in a jet fighter and served as the leader of a naval squadron.  Aircraft #1 is flown by the team leader.

The “Blue Angels” Navy Flight Exhibition Team’s show performance usually lasts about 40 minutes.  Visibility of at least 5,500 m (6015 yards or 18 045 ft) from the show center is required to execute the original performance.  If the lower limit of the clouds is less than 450 meters (492 yards or 1476 ft), the “Blue Angels” will suspend the performance.  If the range is between 450 m (492 yards or 1476 ft) and 1050 m (1148 yards or 3445 ft) (ie, without forming loops and rolls).  This is known as a “flat” display.  If the lower limit is between 1050 m (1148 yards or 3445 ft) and 2450 m (2679 yards or 8038 ft), they perform “low”, which includes barrel rolls but no loops.  The “Blue Angels” can perform their full function if the lower limit is higher than 2450 m (2679 yards or 8038 ft).  The minimum distance between display aircraft shall always be between 1 and 1.5 m (3.3 and 1.5 ft) (5 ft).  If a pilot on the team is unable to fly during the show due to illness, the remaining pilots will fly without him.  If the commander is unable to fly the show will have to be rescheduled.

Surya kiran

Surya Kiran is an aerobatics demonstration squad of the Indian Air Force.  It was established in 1996 and is a member of the 52nd Squadron of the Indian Air Force.  Since then, the crew has made several appearances, typically with nine aircraft.  As of 2011, the squadron was composed of HAL HJT-16 Kiran Mk.2 military training aircraft based at Bidar Air Force Station in Karnataka.  In February 2011, the team was decommissioned, but was re-established in 2017 using Hawk Mk-132 aircraft.

There were 13 pilots on the team, although only 9 were flying at any one time.  Pilots are elected twice a year for a three-year term.  Only pilots with experience in flying fighter jets are selected.  All pilots on the team are Qualified Flight Instructors (QFIs) with over 2,000 hours of combat experience and 1,000 hours on the beam.  During the show sortie, the team is led by a commanding officer who also serves as the leader of the formation.  After putting them through difficult flight tests and trials, the squad leader has the option of choosing the pilots of his future team.  The crew included a flight commander, an administrator and a certified technical officer in addition to the pilots.  Operational planning is the responsibility of the flight commander.  In addition to looking after the administrative needs of the team, the administrator also provides comments during public presentations.  Senior engineering officers are in charge of maintenance and servicing of the team’s aircraft with fifty technicians.  The decision of the Senior Engineering Officer is final in all technical matters.

The Kiran MkII aircraft, which was modified for aerobatics, was used to create parallel and horizontal flight designs as well as famous patterns such as the heart and arrow, waterfall and apple.  Depending on the location of the performance site, performance routines can last anywhere from 10 to twenty minutes.  In the various nine aircraft formations, the initial part of the routine consists of spin, wingover, loop and barrel roll.  During the second half, the formation splits into two groups to perform level and rolling crossings, inverted runs, heart loops and other maneuvers.

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